All In A Dream

Release form: Coloured spattered Vinyl - Gatefold Sleeve (Limited 500 Copies) & Cassette Edition (Limited 150 copies)
Label (Vinyl): Sunstone Records (UK)
Label (Cassette): Eye Vybe Records (US)
Vinyl Cat#: SSLP1001
Cassette Cat#: EV-025
Release date: 2014-10-10

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Sunstone Records is proud to present their first long player: 'All In A Dream' by Balduin - a one man Swiss enigma who has been ploughing his own unique path to the stars since 2001. This album finds him on glittering form and should appeal to fans of classic pop music and anyone with a grounding in the history of genuine, underground sounds. Each listening reveals more depth and variation, and this truly is a work of pure invention and originality. There are deep echoes from the chasm that is British Psych and nods to the experiments of the Fabs as well as those often ignored late 60s Bee Gees albums, Kevin Ayers, Syd and countless lost music by bands with exotic names such as Rainbow Ffolly and Velvett Fogg. This is no re-treading of the past though, it's a fresh as the breeze that blows through Balduin's Glamour Forest. The limited 500 press vinyl comes in an eye catching gatefold sleeve. It's on coloured wax and includes a download code. "The fact that this LP includes a cover of Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup's 'Which Dreamed It?' will prick up the ears of psych hounds everywhere. That this Swiss-born one man band already cut a super-authentic version of the other side of the Soup 45, 'Jabberwock', for his Sunstone EP, 'The Glamour Forest', earlier in 2014, tells you were not dealing with a dilettante. The remainder of this highly-anticipated 16-tracker is penned by Balduin himself and, whilst things rarely leave the world of the lysergic pop song, they skip adroitly from skewed art-pop to baroque minimalism to sensitive balladeering. If the likes of 'Love Is You' and 'Kite Come Back' don't press all of your happy buttons at once then you probably need new buttons. Sure, you can hear the echoes of a thousand 60s pop-psych 45s here but the lasting impression is that of Balduin alone. A triumph and a joy". ~Andy Morten - Shindig Magazine - Late Summer 2014.

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Side One
1. Love Is You
2. Which Dreamed It *
3. Autumn
4. Kite Come Back
5. Glamour Forest
6. Prisma Colora
7. You Can Never Pipe My Fancy From My Dear **
8. Father

Side Two
1. Mirror, Mirror
2. The Labyrinth
3. Pretty Size!
4. Change
5. The Music
6. Through The Snow
7. Waves, Stars & Moon
8. I Can Hear You

Songs written & recorded by Balduin at Creative Cookery Studio Bern, Switzerland, 2014.
* Music written by Sam Hutt (Boeing Duveen And The Beautiful Soup), 1968. Poem written by Lewis Carroll from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872.
** Lyrics «The Piper» by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).
This album is dedicated to my Father.

Premastered with a little help from Jan Stehle at Studio Mamma.
Vinyl mastering by Danny Woodward at Whitewood Studios.
Photos by Jun & Balduin. Collage by Balduin.
Sleeve designed in Büro Destruct by Lopetz & Balduin, Bern.

Electric & acoustic guitars, bass, mellotron, electric & acoustic harpsichords, piano, organ, vibraphone, lyre, sitar, tampura, harmonium, wurlitzer, drums, tingsha, tabla & percussion.

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