Iron Curtain Revisited

Release date: 2001-01-01
Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Released on 10" EP Limited Edition (SOLD OUT)
Catalog-Number: cdhw042

01. Crate Soul Brothers - Alfa Centaura
02. Intega - Quartett
03. Mimok - Funki Dia Franki
04. Balduin - Drinking Song
05. Original Jazz Rockers - Dancing nuts

EP Description

IRON CURTAIN REVISITED is a tribute to the remarkable history of East European Jazz.

Several remixers have got their inspiration from the Crippled Dick album BETWEEN OR BEYOND THE IRON CURTAIN - we remember psychedelic extra class raregrooves and unpronouncable artist names like Karel Velebny, Zbigniew Namyslowsky, the legendary Gustav Brom, Impuls, Mahagon or the Novi Singers.

A new generation lined up to whisk the old legacy through the sound mixer. Some of the tracks are almost unrecognizable interpretations, some are very close to the original.