Choose Cheese

Release date: 2002-6
Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Catalog-Number: cdhw083
Released only on EP (SOLD OUT)

1. Choose Cheese
2. Choose Cheese (Supernatural Cheese Remix by Dublex Inc)
3. Croque Monsieur
4. Choose Cheese (Broken Folk Remix by Raabenstein & Phat Fred)

EP Description
The track "Choose Cheese" is not only a recommendation to enjoy more Swiss specialties, it is also a highly concentrated electronic beat injection with sonorous vibraphone play. "Croque Monsieur" adds precise cutting breakbeats onto a melodic guitar and features a splendid Volker Meitz (Sonar Kollektiv) on the Fender Rhodes organ and Matthias Dressler (Berlin Symphony Orchestra) on vibraphone. Call it tricky harddisc-pop with a classic song structure.

To complete the lot, "Choose Cheese" comes with two remixes:
The "Supernatural Cheese RMX" by Dublex Inc. (Pulver Records), which comes with rhythms as precise as a Swiss clockwork and subsonic bass that would cause rockfall. This one will kick you out of your dancing shoes! Their last remix so far, since now they are busy again with own productions - you can expect fine and perfect dance stuff like their Tango Forte, which made No. 1 in the German dance charts.

The "Broken Folk Mix" by Raabenstein and Phat Fred breathes some fresh air
with added guitarlicks and a more relaxed vibe to please the hyperventilating urban crowd with the sound of an Alpinian sundown.